garden by michal
Birds Eye View Snapshot

A garden transformation starts with a conversation about needs and dreams for your outdoor space.  What garden styles, plants and colors appeal to you, and most importantly, what do you want your garden to do for you?  We begin with a questionnaire that will help me understand your interests and objectives for your garden.

The next step will be to analyze and measure your site, consider soils, and conditions in the landscape. Then we start the creative work toward an attractive, ecology-conscious design that embraces the site, expresses your values and provides beautiful, functional outdoor space.

Keeping it Beautiful

There is no such thing as a living, no-maintenance garden. Green gardens are thirsty, lusty and unruly. Even the sparest garden needs some regular attention and periodic update. As part of the design or coaching process, I will help you assess your long-term garden goals, create plans and schedules so that the garden we develop is sustainable within your budget. We will consider what is a required to keep the garden looking good so that you can maintain it yourself or plan for hired help.

Elements of the Design Process: Read about specific steps in the design development process: