The Design Process

garden by michal

Line drawingThe size and complexity of the desired garden space will shape the scope of the project, and determine the work required at each step toward completion.  For most garden spaces, the project plan will include:

  • Consultation and Assessment: Initial free consultation hour plus typically 2-3 assessment hours.  Proposal with estimated costs for project will be presented at this point
  • Rough Concept Drawing(s): 2-3 design direction drawings will allow you to visualize creative options
  • Plan View: Once a design direction has been selected, the plan view shows the ‘big picture” view of the design, types of hardscape materials, plants and trees and their placement
  • Planting Palette and Plan: The palette is a list of plants suitable for the site, with representative plant photos.  The planting plan is a  an installation-ready lay-out of selected plants
  • 3-D Drawings: Snapshots of the garden; these may be useful in order to get closer to the experience of being in the new space
  • Installation/Resource Recommendations: Recommendation of reputable, licensed landscape contractor/installers.  After a contractor is selected, support for the installation process includes placing plants, adjusting the plan if needed and coordinating with contractors and vendors