Coaching & Consulting

garden by michal

  • Do you want to add a green area to your living space but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you overwhelmed by design choices and want guidance on style, layout or material selection for your hardscape?
  • Would you like to know more about caring for the existing plants in your yard?
  • Do you have practical questions about weeding, planting, pruning, feeding, mulching, composting, irrigation, or deer proofing?
  • Would you like help selecting plants for a specific area, or want to know more about growing edibles, or creating wildlife-friendly gardens?

How does coaching and consulting work?

If you are someone who likes to work in your own garden, but still has questions like these, consider coaching and consulting services for help when you need it.

Consultation might be in order if you have a specific, one-time only question.  For example, your garden is almost complete, but you just need help in choosing hardscape materials like paver patterns, deck stain, or outdoor furniture styles to match your house.

Coaching involves working with you hands-on; coaching can be an arranged to cover a series of topics over several weeks, or can be focused on a single objective.  A coaching session for pruning maples, for example, might take 1-2 hours and include an informational handout, a demonstration of pruning techniques, and feedback as you practice the techniques yourself.

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